A tribute to Emily

Photos taken beginning in December 2001 at Westford and Groton, MA, USA using a Canon PowerShot S10 (2.1 megapixel) digital camera at 1600 x 1200 resolution.

[December 01] We got a new 12-week-old kitten on December 8, 2001. The veternarian had had her for some weeks, but before that she was feral. Her adjustment is proceeding as smoothly as could be expected. The two older cats, Murphy and The Perfessor, are quite staid and dignified and just cannot figure out what to do with this little bundle of energy who persistently attacks them from ambush.

[January 02] After four weeks, Emily has resoundingly changed the balance of power in the household. The Perfessor (14-y.o. male) used to beat up on Murphy (14-y.o. female) nearly every day. Now Emily attacks the Perf at every opportunity. Em and Murph get along famously. The Perf constantly looks like he wants sanctuary, and Murph has never looked more relaxed.

[June 02] In March 2002 Emily moved to a new home in Groton, MA; Murph and the Perf stayed behind. The March photo shows her getting acquainted with the garden rocks I distributed to discourage her from depradations on the 29-year-old asparagus fern (it worked). The May shot shows Emily at 8 months old, well recovered from her spaying. See how she claims ownership of my new printer — as she does of everything within these walls. June finds her looking cool and collected under an umbrella I left on the kitchen floor to drip dry.

[June 03] Here are a couple of images of the full-grown Emily relaxing in her new home. In April I caught her enjoying the vista from a high built-in bookshelf; I was obliged to rearrange the photo of my paternal grandfather and the AirPort hub for her comfort. The June shot shows Emily snuggling with her friend the decoy.

[November 05] Emily moved twice in 2005, first in April to the center of Groton and again in July to a new (old) condominium conversion in a 1783 house, still close enough to the center that the sidewalks reach there. The September photo shows her taking the evening air from one of her favorite windows.

[January 06] Here she is posing on the Victorian couch, and in the front window communing with the espalier’ed ficus plant.

[September 14] Emily went to sleep this morning, 2014-09-16, at Westford Veterinary. I had first met her at that same location, then Carlson Veterinary, almost 13 years previously. She had a cancerous eye removed in 2013, and we enjoyed almost another year with her beyond that.

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Emily headshot 14jan06
Emily ficus 07jan06
Emily couch
Emily window 15jun03
Emily duck 14apr03
Emily shelf
Emily 12 19may02
Emily 11 22mar02
Emily 10
Emily 9 02jan02
Emily 8 15dec01
Emily 7
Emily 6 13dec01
Emily 5 13dec01
Emily 4
Emily 1 13dec01
Emily 2 13dec01
Emily 3

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