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Home of the guy who places first through fourth in a Google egosurf for “Keith Dawson”; at this writing still first in Alltheweb too.

See below for a few of the sites I’ve put together, beginning sometime early in the 1990s.


TBTF: Tasty Bits from the Technology Front

Spend some time amid the stacks at the TBTF home and archive. Between 1994 and 2001, Tasty Bits from the Technology Front alerted a growing readership to bellwethers in computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce on the Internet. The subscriber list topped 16,000 when the newsletter wound down.

tflogo Here's my shingle hung out in cyberspace. if I can help you get a grip on your Web presence.

valley of Silicon
Visit Siliconia, the definitive list of “Silicon Whatever” appelations around the world. Currently listing 78 Siliconia associated with 105 locations.

The Congressional Hypocrites Page The Hypocrites page shined an unwelcome spotlight on those Congress members who vote cynically and against principle on matters concerning the Internet.

Jargon Scout The Jargon Scout aims to give you advance notice — preferably before Wired Magazine picks it up — of jargon that is just about ready to hatch into the Net’s language.

Miscellany The annular eclipse of May 10, 1994

A timeline of composers from 1500 to 1900 CE

A portrait with a dog named Network

My resumé

Emily the cat

A trip to Italy, October 1990

Indian pipes, August 2000

Moving a million-pound turbine, April 2001


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